By registering online or signing this entry form, I agree that I have read, understand and agree to abide by all the rules of this Tournament. An infraction of any rule is grounds for disqualification. I also agree to accept any and all decisions made by the Tournament Committee and the Tournament Director. All decisions made by the Tournament Director will be final.

All state, federal and lake regulations must be obeyed.

Eligibility: Eligibility for participating in the Haynesville Shale Bass Tournament is subject to qualification and approval by the Haynesville Shale Bass Tournament registration committee. Decisions of the committee are final. Individuals must derive(or be retired from) 70% of their annual income directly from companies engaged in the exploration, drilling, production and/or servicing of gas and/or oil wells. Individuals who meet these qualifications may fish with his/her spouse or dependents. Dependents are defined as a son or daughter still living at home, in school and do not hold a full-time job. Any person who has served as a Guide on Toledo Bend within the last 6 months will not be eligible. Tournament Directors reserve the right to question or request proof of eligibility. The rules and regulation committee reserves the right to refuse any entry application; the decision of the committee shall be final. Applicants may be required to furnish the committee with proof of eligibility.

Sportsmanship: All contestants are required and expected to follow a high standard of courtesy and sportsmanship during the tournament and weigh-in. This requirement includes, respecting other anglers during the tournament and non-tournament hours. Complaints of discourteous conduct will be handled as an infraction of the rules.

Safety: A U.S. Coast Guard approved PFD (life vest) must be worn and fastened at all times the combustion engine is in gear. Kill switches must be functional and utilized by the boat driver.

Boats: All boats used in this event must be a minimum of fourteen (14) feet long and have a functioning live well system capable of maintaining the life of the catch.

Teams: There must be 2, and no more than 2, registered contestants in the boat at all times. At no time during the tournament shall any participant solicit or receive any information from a Guide.

Tackle: Only artificial lures may be used with the exception of pork rind type baits and artificial scents. Live bait is prohibited. No trolling is allowed. Only one rod may be used at a time, though other rods may be located in the boat ready for use.

Scoring: Scoring will be based on the total weight of no more than five (5) fish per team. Only largemouth, Kentucky or spotted bass will be weighed. No more than five (5) bass shall be in the live well at any time. Teams must cull the sixth fish. All fish must measure a minimum of fourteen (14) inches on a flat board. Any fish not meeting the minimum length at the weigh-in will be discarded and the respective Team will receive a one (1) pound penalty per short fish. Dead fish will receive a penalty of quarter (.25) of a pound per dead fish.

Encroachment: No fishing is allowed within 25 yards of a non-anchored tournament boat without that boat’s permission. No fishing is allowed within 50 yards of an anchored or tied tournament boat with the trolling motor out of the water, without the anchored boat’s permission.

Ties: In case of a tie, the winnings will be combined and divided equally between the teams.

Launch Sites: Teams will be allowed to trailer and launch at any ramp on Toledo Bend, other than Cypress Bend Marina.

Registration: All teams must register or check in with the Tournament Committee at the Tournament Headquarters on Thursday, February 28th between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Teams may not fish if they have not officially registered or checked in.

Polygraph Test: Each team agrees to submit to a polygraph examination and will report to said examination in a timely manner. Refusal and/or failure by any member of a team to submit to a polygraph test shall result in disqualification. If you have ever been disqualified from any tournament for cheating, you are not eligible to fish this tournament.

Alcohol and Drugs: At no time during the tournament hours are any alcoholic beverages or drugs other than prescription allowed in the boat or to be consumed. Consumption of alcohol or drugs shall not occur prior to presenting fish at weigh-in line or prior to taking a polygraph test by you or your partner.

Protest: Any complaints must be presented to the Tournament Director not more than fifteen (15) minutes after the scales have been closed. It is the duty of each team member to promptly report any misconduct to the Tournament Director.

Fishing Times: Full tournament schedule will be given at registration, Thursday, February 28, 2019.

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